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Crew vs. V-neck T-shirts for Guys

A couple of our customers really loved the designs on one of our shirts but insisted that only a V-neck will do. For graphic t-shirts, that has never really been a deal breaker for me; if I like the design, I’m sold. However, I thought I’ll look into this more and see what sayeth the fashion world.

Style aficionado, Manny De La Cruz, writing in, gives two reasons why he’ll favor a V-neck:

  • The natural shape of the V-neck t-shirt does a great job of framing your face, which is exactly what you want it to do. Remember, your clothing should always bring attention to your face.
  • Secondly, a V-neck t-shirt shows off a little bit of your chest and if you’ve been spending time in the gym this is a great way to highlight your hard work without walking around in a tank top 24/7.

After testing Manny’s theory in front of my mirror, I’m not convinced about his first point, but I do agree with his second one. Ultimately though, for graphic t-shirts, the appeal of the design supersedes in my opinion.



Terrence Wakai
Terrence Wakai